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Monetize your
workers’ comp

Worx by Finalytics digitizes and streamlines your Louisiana workers’ comp insurance revenue cycle, returning quick payments, smart analytics, and business intelligence.

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Worx workflows

Worx digitizes all phases of your WC workflows:

(Form 1010-1009)

Digitizes form 1010-1009 and supporting documentation and auto faxes to payers.

All data is centralized and stored in the provider’s data silo.

Each form is date stamped, serialized, and indexed via Worx, then autofaxed to payer.

Workers’ Comp
Revenue Cycle

Converts the 837 to CMS 1500 and auto faxes to payer.

Ingests payer payments and remittance, reconciles transaction, and posts into provider’s data silo.

All claim-reconciliation data is centralized in the provider’s data silo.

Payment Dispute
(Form 1008)

Determines statutory timing and amount of LA WC claim submission against payer payment and displays real time data.

Secure access to patient’s WC file containing data and documents for treatment and revenue cycle workflows.

Data is distilled and centralized in the provider’s data silo.

Please note: A Worx account requires activation of a Flex account to monetize WC claims.

Comparing workflows

Without Worx, your LA WC workflows are very inefficient, and labor intensive — lacking data visibility.


Current LA WC Processes

(manual, labor intensive, lacks data visibility)

LA WC With Worx

(efficient, all digital, end-to-end)

Form 1010-1009

Provider downloads Form 1010-1009 and prints. Form 1010-1009 is manually completed, then manually faxed to payers with accompanying documentation.

Form 1010-1009 can be up to 50 pages, and in some cases, more.

Provider digitally completes Form 1010-1009 and electronically attaches supporting documentation. Each Form 1010-1009 is date stamped, serialized, and indexed via Worx, then autofaxed to payer.

All Form 1010-1009 with supporting documentation is stored in provider’s data silo.

Dashboard tracks Form 1010-1009 status with provider notifications.

WC Claim

After service(s) are delivered, claim is completed and 837 is generated in the provider’s practice management system (PMS). Claim is printed in CMS 1500 (or UB-04) format, supporting paper documentation is assembled and attached, then either faxed or mailed to payer.

After service(s) are delivered, claim is generated in the provider’s PMS.

Worx converts the 837 to CMS 1500 (or UB-04). Provider is given an option to electronically attach supporting documents. 837-CMS 1500 (UB-04) and supporting documentation is date stamped, serialized, and indexed via Worx, then autofaxed to payer.

Dashboard tracks claim status with provider notifications.

Provider can optionally monetize WC claim via Flex, returning up to 100% of allowable claim value in 3 days.

Payer Payments

Providers generally receives paper WC payments (checks) and corresponding paper 835-EOB.

Provider manually opens mail, manually deposits check, manually posts payment, and manually reconciles payment to submitted claim. Provider manually reconciles patient account and manages any denials.

Ingest payer payments and remits via remote desk top capture or bank lockbox. Checks are electronically deposited, payment is reconciled, transactions balanced, and posted into patient accounts at the level of the patient in the PMS.

If underpayment or late payment, Worx gives actionable options for full payment.

Payment Dispute
Form 1008

Providers downloads Form 1008 and prints. Provider, with or without, an attorney completes Form 1008.

All supporting documentation is manually researched, copied, and delivered to the attorney before a complaint can be filed with the LA WC court.

Form 1008 is auto-populated, digitally completed, and electronically attaches supporting documentation from Form 1010-1009 to claims submission and payment reconciliation. Now, the attorney can immediately file the complaint with the LA WC court.

Provider grants attorney access to a specific WC claim in dispute along with supporting documentation.

With secure permission from the provider, the attorney can view the WC claim and all supporting documentation via the Worx Attorney Portal including Form 1008.

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Commonly asked

Some helpful questions that are commonly asked. For more information, please visit our Help Center.

Visit Help Center
Is there a financial limit to the amount of claims that can be processed?
No. All claims submitted will be monetized accordingly per the statutory allowable amounts provided by the state.
In what states is Worx available?
Worx is currently available in Louisiana.
How long is the contract for Worx?
A provider may request to withdraw from a contract at any time.
What is the typical time to monetize claims?
A claim will be monetized in 3 days.
Can my practice keep it's billing company or in-house billing?
Yes. Finalytics will work with your billing company to implement Worx and Flex and beginning streamlining your insurance revenue cycle and monetizing your claims.
Does my practice require a lockbox?
Yes. Your practice will require a lockbox in implement Worx and Flex.
What if Flex does not receive payment from insurance company after monetizing?
Since we monetize continuous stream of claims over time, insurance underpayments or no-payments are adjusted against future claims to be monetized.
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